Below are some links to online resources that may be useful with searches related to the history of Longmeadow, MA and its early residents.  These links are also useful for the Through the Lens- Longmeadow 100 Years Ago project.

  1. Proceedings at the Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Longmeadow
    Written in 1883 for the 100th anniversary celebration of the incorporation of Longmeadow.  Available as an E-book. Contains considerable historical information as well as a town genealogy.  E-book is full text searchable.
  2. Reflections of Longmeadow
    Book published in 1983 on the 200th anniversary of the incorporation of Longmeadow. Edited by Mary Rogeness and Linda Rodger. Hardcopy only is available at Storrs Library.
  3. Longmeadow Annual Town Reports (1855 - Present)
    Annual Town Reports from 1855 to the present are now available with full text search.
  4. Longmeadow's Sesquicentennial Official Souvenir: 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Town of Longmeadow, Massachusetts
    Book written by Edgar Holmes Plummer in 1933.  Hardcopy only is available at Storrs Library.
  5. Emerson Photo Collection/ Digital Commonwealth Online
    The entire collection of 1500+ Emerson photos are now online on the Digital Commonwealth- The large majority of these photos were taken in Longmeadow but some of them were taken in other Massachusetts communities including Spencer, Holyoke, Springfield, Framingham, and East Brookfield. Photo details including ID's and description can be found through search.
  6. Emerson Photograph Database
    This pdf file is the database for the Emerson collection of images.  Most of the information was developed from the Emerson's photography journal.  Many of the photos in the database do not have complete information regarding location or dates.
  7. Town Crier Archive
    A collection of Longmeadow historical articles that have appeared in the Town Crier- a periodic publication of the Longmeadow Historical Society.
  8. Longmeadow Historical Society Publications
    A collection of Longmeadow Historical Society publications
  9. Areas of Historical Significance in Longmeadow, MA
    This document lists structures and areas in Longmeadow that the Historical Commission has identified as being of historic interest.
  10. Longmeadow Street Directories
    - 1901 Longmeadow Street Directory
    - 1905 Longmeadow Street Directory
    - 1910 Longmeadow Street Directory
    - 1915 Longmeadow Street Directory
    - 1915 Springfield City Directory- Includes Longmeadow et al,  full text searchable
    - 1920 Longmeadow Street Directory
    - 1927 Longmeadow Street Directory
  11. Historical Town Records- Storrs Library
    This is a listing of online historical records including births, deaths and marriages for the Town of Longmeadow, MA
  12. Longmeadow- Through the Lens
    This is the interactive map/photo website being developed for this project.
  13. Longmeadow Property Assessment Database
    This database can be useful for looking up information on Longmeadow properties. It includes a recent photo that can be useful.
  14. Longmeadow Historical Society Document/ Photo Archive
    This cloud storage space has archived photos and other documents that might be useful to this project. No username/ password is required.
  15. Walking Tour- Historic Homes of Longmeadow
    Tour of Longmeadow Historic District with current photos + excerpts used with permission from the book Historic Homes of Longmeadow
  16. Longmeadow Cemetery Database
    Searchable gravestone records for the Longmeadow Cemetery from 1718.
  17. Springfield Cemetery Database
    Searchable gravestone records for the Springfield Cemetery.  This is an Excel file.
  18. Historical Commission Surveys
    Details of historic homes in Longmeadow including history of owners/residents, building details, etc.
  19. Longmeadow Historic District Map (revised 2012)
    This is a map of the Longmeadow Historic District showing the houses that are included in this district on a map.
  20. Longmeadow Fire Department- Fifty Years of Service- 1923-1973
    History of Longmeadow Fire Department from its beginnings in 1923 until 1973.  Photos and stories about local fires and members of the department during this time period.
  21. Historic Buildings of Massachusetts
    Great searhable resource for finding information about historic buildings in the town of Longmeadow.


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